At Home in the Bog

Lately, I’ve been fairly reluctant to venture outside of Bogotá. With the exception of a day trip back to Suesca for some rock climbing, all of my Colombian weekends for March and April have been spent in the country’s capital.

Fortunately for me, my friend from college, Elena, came to visit! I thought that I was the master of last-minute travel, but Elena booked a flight from the US West Coast on Tuesday for a Friday trip to Bogotá! I had hoped I’d have some visitors in Colombia this year, but my friends have really outdone themselves. We spent our long weekend in Suesca and Bogotá, seeing the Botanical Gardens (I’d never been before), at Monserrate (where I hadn’t been since Joseph visited), and dancing at Armando Records.

Elena and I had perfect weather for a Saturday in Suesca
Personally, this was my most challenging climb
But Elena killed it!
Free range cows strolling past


Maybe I’m suffering from a bit of travel overload between January – February (Cartagena, Salento, Popayán, Tierradentro, Tatacoa Desert, La Guajira, Maryland, and Barranquilla. Whoa.), but I’d like to think I’ve also been feeling more at home in Bogotá and my new apartment’s neighborhood. I’m content here and don’t feel the need to move around every other minute– which does have me wondering how I should spend my last five (FIVE!!) weekends in Colombia.

As of now, I’m mostly on the sweet side of bittersweet when I think about moving back to the US. I miss my family and old friends; I’m ready to work at a job where I’ll have a team and a bit more stability.

Still, the realization that I want to produce a solid final research project, possibly squeeze in a trip to the Amazon, and secure full-time work for when I’m back in the US – all in the span of 5 weeks – has me feeling a lil’ stressed. Stay tuned.

Elena and I also spent some time in Monserrate, overloooking enormous Bogotá
Mi Elenita
Elena and I!


Inside the church at the top of Monserrate


Typical Colombian food is generally fried, and variations of yellow and tan
Sprawling city
Enjoying cafe at the top of Monserrate
Entering Bogotá’s Botanical Gardens


Dr.Seuss flowers, perhaps?


Mary, Elena, and I with the ceiling mirror pic in Armando Records

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