Let’s Try This Again

I wasn’t ready to come back to Bogotá at all. Maryland was too good to me. I saw my family every day and had two weeks with my long-distance other half. Some days were spent attending a Ravens game, watching the Moscow ballet perform The Nutcracker in Baltimore, going to a jazz concert, and visiting the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture Smithsonian in DC. But, I enjoyed the majority of my time at my parent’s house or the boyfriend’s parent’s house.

Now that I’m back in the Bog, I feel incredibly content. Life is great at home, as always, but life is good here too.

Of course, I still have a “little” wish list for Bogotá. I wish the city were a little less polluted, and a little more green. I wish Bogotá could be a little safer at night, and a little warmer during the day.

But, I’ve had a mental shift realizing that I’m in the last half of my Fulbright grant. I’d been thinking about applying to Fulbright for years before I actually did, and I’d wanted to live abroad for an extended period of time since my first visit to Spain at age 16. I’m sure it’s part of why I’m cramming so many Spanish-speaking goals, research goals, and travel goals into this semester. It’s been a busy week, and an even busier four weeks are coming up.

Museo Nacional 

Last week, I finally explored Museo Nacional and went to an indoor/outdoor cafe I’d been wanting to eat + study at since November. The cafe was great, and I saw someone who I met at El Bembe‘s salsa nights months ago. I wasn’t in love with Museo Nacional, but it was nice to be there on a quiet afternoon.

The entrance to Museo Nacional
Museums are quite quiet in the middle of the work week
A collection of paintings and rotating digital images
Museo Nacional’s back courtyard


Parque Natural Chicaque

A Fulbright friend and I also got out of Bogotá, taking five (yes, five) separate buses and walking along a dirt road for about an hour to get to the entrance of Parque Natural Chicaque, also known as the “Cloud Forest”. The park lived up to its nickname, as we hiked a few hours to and from a small waterfall in a cloud, slipping along wet, mossy stones and enjoying the butterflies that consume the park.

Along the road to Chicaque
Entering the park
Tons of green + Tons of mist
A refugio sat in the middle of the park…
…as well as some grazing llamas


The lil’ waterfall
Hiking out of the park, with the refugio and llamas in the distance

Zona G

This weekend was calm and, yes, sunny (!!!) and it was so, so welcome to sit outside. I went to a small farmer’s market in the Gastronomic District, because I needed more of my favorite honey. Then I ended up enjoying hours outside reading, lunching, and drinking coffee (which is a thing I do again, now that I’m back in Bogotá).

Drinking coffee, looking down onto the farmer’s market




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