Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

The last 36 hours since Donald Trump won the Presidential Election have been characterized by sadness and a feeling of immense loss. They’ve been full of tears and foul language and attempts to understand the state of my country. I hadn’t mentally prepared myself for the thought of a Trump presidency, and it felt – and still feels – like a living nightmare.

It feels as though so many people of color, so many Muslims, so many survivors of sexual assault, so many LGBT individuals, so many allies, and so many women were telling the masses that this man scares us, and were pleading for the American electorate to value our lives and safety more than promises of an economy that will improve “bigly”. And, in response, the electorate (or, rather, the electoral college) voted in a man backed by the KKK.

It feels as though as a Black woman who cares about reproductive health and dates an Asian-American man, my home country has said there isn’t a place for me. I worry about the future of our Supreme Court, the state of Roe v Wade and same-sex marriage, climate change efforts, and an increase in Islamophobia and hate crimes and police brutality. Further, as a fellow ambitious woman, interested in politics, I worry that all of my successes will never be enough in a run-off against a rich, white male.

But now, I’m (slowly) getting to the point where I’m ready to characterize the next four years with action and rage and work, and I can’t wait to be home in the US for the next election. Until then…

  • Planned Parenthood Action Fund – Donate
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – Donate
  • Write to your Member of Congress – Link

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  1. I’m so sad foe your pain Lauren. It grieves me no end. Today though I woke up feeling a lot more hopeful and with a strong sense of preparedness for the long road ahead. I’m with you both in the grief and the commitment to stand as a person of peace and advocate for all who don’t fit into the vision of white america. Much love to you friend


    1. wanderlauren says:

      Send much love to you too, lady! I look forward to more talks on what we can do to advance our communities when I’m back in CA.


  2. Joseph says:

    Remember more people voted against Trump than for him; and many within his own party do not like him. In the UK we were hoping for a different result too; but all you can do is regroup and get behind a tough candidate for 2020


    1. wanderlauren says:

      Yes agreed. Clinton did win the popular vote… though not nearly by the margin that I would have liked. Between Trump, Brexit, Colombia’s vote against the peace process– 2016 has definitely been a surprising political year, to say the least.

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      1. Joseph says:

        Surprising to say the least. Let us hope for a 2017 that works better for everybody.


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