Weekend in Suesca

Suesca is a small town an hour north of Northern Bogotá made nationally famous for its rock climbing and outdoor sports. I heard about Suesca as an easy weekend trip during Fulbright orientation, then heard a friend rave about it as the weekend trip over a cup of coffee.

My interest was peaked and I was ready to get out of the city (again) ((love ya, Bogotá)). So last Friday, two Fulbright friends and I ventured to Suesca, Colombia via a small bus, bumping along the outskirts of Bogotá until we reached far more rural surroundings. We got off at the Rock’s Entrance (La Entrada de las Rocas) right before the main square of Suesca, had a quick lunch, and checked-in with our rock climbing guides who would be housing us for the weekend. Then, they drove us to our guest home for the weekend: a no-frills, yellow home that we’d have all to ourselves.


For outdoor activities in Suesca, there’s rock climbing, horseback riding, hiking, caving, and more rock climbing. The rock climbing community is big here and we can understand the reason. There are miles of rocks; it’s pretty incredible to see in person. And, because this expansive wall of rocks has varying heights and formations that create different levels of difficulty, you can’t get tired of any particular climb.

This was my first time outdoor rock climbing and I loved it. Admittedly, with the weather we experienced and instructor we had, I think it would be difficult not to love it. We were all pretty freaked by the heights at first, but we quickly got past it and began to enjoy ourselves. Despite our exhaustion, we didn’t want the day to end. That night, as with the one before, we ate, drank wine at our little home, and made a bonfire. Not sure when I’ll be back, but I already have it on my list.

A baby goat dropped in to our guest home
The guest home
Peering into the kitchen
View from our guest home
Walking through the neighborhood
Las Rocas in the distance
Passing through the entrance to the rocks




At the rocks and ready to climb
The view facing away from the rocks




Iyla rock climbing!
My view from rock climbing. Gracias, GoPro.
Befriending the kids of other climbers


A post-climb, post-dinner hike
Going for a rainy walk on our last day in Suesca
Some of the more advanced climbs. Can you see the climber in the middle of the picture in pink?
Multiple climbers making their way up Las Rocas


Hasta luego, Suesca

Getting There: Transmilenio to Portal Norte; Bus to Suesca

Where to Stay: El Nomada Hostel or with rock climbing guides

Our Rock Climbing Guides: El Refugio



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  1. Lovely photos! What a quaint little town. You brought the baby goat back to Bogota, right?


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