First Impressions

  1. Colombians are super friendly
    A couple friends and I asked for directions on our way to get our Colombian ID cards, and the woman who we asked proceded to pay for our bus tickets, take two buses with us (including the transfer), and walk us to the door of the building. She also gave us her contact information, in case we needed anything else. On a different day, a friend and I stepped into a closing restaurant to use their Wifi to call an Uber; I swear, the whole staff stopped cleaning the place in order to call us a cab and make sure we got in the right one safely. I have even more stories like this, and I’ve only been here 12 days.
  2. …unless they’re driving
    Colombians will run you over. Pedestrians do not have the right of way! And don’t think that a red light will save you, you still need to be prepared to dodge some traffic.
  3. Bogota has approximately four seasons every day.
    I have no idea what to wear here. Ever. It’s technically winter, but every day there’s a light rain shower, sun, wind, etc. So, at any given time, you see people on the street in t-shirts or with parkas, with umbrellas or with no coat at all.
  4. This city is humongous
    With over 8 million people and over 600 square miles of land, Bogota is unlike any city I’ve ever lived in before. In comparison, San Francisco has a population of around 800,000 people and 49 square miles of land. I do realize NYC also has 8 million people, but Bogota – to me – feels different. The city just goes and goes for miles, no separation by boroughs or bridges or water, mostly running north to south, with the mountains hugging the far east of the city.
  5. Juice rules
    Peeps love juice here. The fruit is fresh, and there are tons of fruits that aren’t available in the US. Every restaurant has an extensive juice menu and it’s super common for adults to have juice with dinner. So, when you come visit, get ready to guzzle down lots of mango/pineapple/papaya-inspired drinks with the likes of Colombian lulo or cherimoya.

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