Goodbye Maryland, Hello Houston

Saying my goodbyes on Saturday night and Sunday morning was extremely difficult. Even though I did some crying right then, I did most of my crying on the plane later. I realize that the Fulbright is “only” ten months and I’ll be home for Christmas, but it’s feeling like a hell of a long time right now.

Fulbright booked my flight, so I was put on a 5:30AM flight from BWI to Houston, then an eight hour layover before my flight from Houston to Bogota. Woof. Fortunately, my high school/volleyball friend, Meg, was in Houston to cheer me up during my layover in Houston. She showed me various neighborhoods, Rice University’s campus, the “WE ❤ HOUSTON” sign, a beautiful waterfall, and the stadium where Villanova won the 2016 NCAA Championship! We went to brunch, then to hang out with her fiancé.

Meg + I in the Houston heat


After coming back to the airport, I met up with other Fulbrighters, attempted to swallow my nausea, and boarded the flight to Bogota! Every time I do something like this (i.e., study abroad, foreign exchange, my San Francisco move), I second guess myself the morning of the trip. But there’s a finality in feeling the plane’s wheels lift off the ground that reminds me that this is happening. And that my next stop will be my new home, whether I feel ready or not, so I might as well dive into the experience.

Orientation started today; more on that soon!


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